Koo Schadler

"A conservator at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC commented recently that the most important ingredient in making a long lasting tempera painting is the quality of the glue used in the gesso. Having seen their ingredients myself, I know that True Gesso uses very high quality glue and chalk to make their gesso. And while many companies settle for tempered hardboard, has gone out of their way to find and use an untempered hardboard - a more archival choice. They also gesso both sides of the panel for greater stability. In other word, these panels have all the important qualities I look for in an egg tempera support and ground - and are affordable as well. I use them in all my workshops and for my own paintings as well. "


Janie Olsen

"To all you painters here is a link to the place I get my panels for painting on. I just love these panels they are the best surface I have ever painted on! The customer service & quality is wonderful.
Lisa Coddington owner and artist"



Michael Bergt

"One of the first things that keeps people away from trying egg tempera is the hassle of preparing true gesso panels. There are no viable substitutes for the traditional glue/whiting ground. Several manufacturers have tried, but I’ve not found a more suitable ground than the panels made by True Gesso. They have the proper absorbency, thickness, and no air bubbles. I’ve even used gold leaf on a panel and it burnished wonderfully without crumbling or denting (a real test for gesso). "


Anthony Suminski


Miranda Gray

"As an egg tempera painter, I find that the part of the process that is the most tedious for me is the gesso panel making. The process takes days, and is messy. When I make the panels myself my edges are uneven, there are sometimes air bubbles, and I dislike the sanding process. It is so much easier to have True Gesso make the panels - someone who is set up to do a perfect job, who gets consistent results every time. True Gesso panels are beautiful. They are made better than the panels I make myself. I highly recommend this product. By buying True Gesso panels, one can get down to the art of painting without the hassle of making the panels themselves."


Mavis Smith


Society of Egg Tempera Painters


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